Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why Have Designer Wedding Sarees Gained So Much Popularity?

Indian saree is considered as one of the most beautiful and wearable outfits in our Indian Culture. It is one of the most alluring and beautiful outfits and looks lovely on every woman. These days, sarees are again in trend and women love to experiment this outfit. Also, many fashion designers design the latest gorgeous outfit. You can see many Bollywood Divas flaunt this outfit on different festivals and occasions. This type of outfit is very easy to handle and can designer sarees to promote their brand in India as well as globally.

Famous Variety of Indian Designer Sarees

Neck Drape Style: This type of sarees is common among the women in India. The 'pallu' is kept longer than usual and wrapped around the neck. This style is also seen among the traditional Bengali women during the religious ceremonies.

Mermaid Style: Women wearing this saree may not need to worry about their figure. The mermaid style makes the lady look slimmer.

Lehenga Sarees: It is the combination of Lehenga & Saree. This is great attire for occasions like wedding functions, reception parties, etc.

Banarasi Sarees: The list of traditional Indian sarees is incomplete without the inclusion of the exquisite Banarasi sarees. This is popularly worn by South Indian brides on their wedding day.
The designer sarees are expensive, but it is worth purchasing a saree. A woman will look her best when she wears a designer saree.

There are three major factors mostly preferred when buying a designer Saree:

Colors and styles: Fashion designers are often seen working tirelessly on such sarees, be it be the pattern or fabric of the saree or even the length of the saree and end up designing a beautiful piece.

Experiment: The color and style of these sarees are also very important to look into. These days, bold colors are making a comeback in designer saree.

Fabric: Designers prefer cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon fabric for designer saree. Mostly these sarees are worn during a wedding ceremony, red carpet event, and small events and get together etc.

Today, designers are putting more effort in designing and offer exotic bridal trousseau. Exclusive designs of the Indian wedding wear have become popular in the international markets also, thus providing a wide range of Indian Sarees Online.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Style Your Anarkali Suit with Different Things and Give This Attire a Lovely Look

As far as the weddings are concerned in India, these are full rituals and customs, drama and colors; so, if you are invited for any wedding, you may be planning what to wear and in which outfit is more comfortable. What’s better than an anarkali suit as it is a perfect option for every body type. Today, purchasing an anarkali suit is not a problem yet; the major task is to how to style it correctly. So, take a look at the following and encounter some interesting ways:

Prefer To Wear Jhumkis

Jhumkis go perfect with anarkali suits. You can opt for long earrings too as they give an illusion of slim neck. Go with a pair of diamond or kundan studded earrings for the wedding occasions. You can style your hair in a messy bun or even you can side braid for a complete view of your jhumkis and face. Pearl jhumkis, diamond droplets and chandbalis looks pretty with this lovely outfit.

Add a statement neck piece
No matter anarkali suits are heavily embroidered, you can wear a neck piece with a deep Anarkali Suit or one with a plain yoke to complete the look. Chokers with pear drops or stone, traditional Indian necklaces, such as satladas complement this timeless attire gorgeously.

Image result for Anarkali Suit

Choose High Heels
Complementing every outfit with heels looks stunning. Apart from wearing flat slippers with short length anarkali suits will make your legs unbalanced. If you are uncomfortable with pencil heels, you can go with wedge heels or platform heels for a comfy, but stylish look.

Carry a Stole or a Dupatta
Carrying a dupatta is not a simple task, but we cannot deny the elegance this piece of cloth can add to the simplest of anarkali suits. So, you can carry a dupatta with your anarkali suits and assure that the length of dupatta best complements the length of anarkali suit. While a short dupatta will ruin the overall look, a really long one can make for a messy affair. If your kurta is heavily embroidered, wear a dupatta sideways. 

Correctly Style Your Hair
The right hairdo can add elegance and royalty to your anarkali suit. However, leaving your hair open appear to be the simplest task, but it’s not so particularly in the monsoon season. You never want to make your appearance at a wedding with lackluster or damp. Going to hair stylist is not only an option, there are some other options as well, like loose curls, straight hair, fishtail braid, loose waives, etc. These hairstyles will keep you hassle-free throughout the day and you absolutely look like a diva. Also, you can accessorize your hair with mang tikas or button clips for a stylish look. 

Draping Styles of Dupatta
Interestingly, you can do a lot more with your dupatta instead of throwing it over your shoulders or hanging it on shoulder and wrapping the other end around your waist or you can try it with a waist belt. There are many ways that you can pair with an anarkali suit to make for a distinct statement look.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Indian Bridal Wear: A Perfect Combination of Glamor and Grace


Your bridal wear must be a reflection of your personal style and there is no need that you have to compromise on sticking with the trend. A wedding of your taste and latest upcoming styles is a winning combination when it comes to Indian Bridal Wear. From fashionable, graceful outfit to lively and bold attire, Indian bridal styles are diverse like the people of the country.
Whether you want your bridal look elegant or you want to make a splash in your style, below are some of the few styles that you can surely cater to your taste for wedding functions:

·         Floor Length Anarkalis
Fascinating and royal anarkali suits are the perfect for pre-wedding functions, be it mehendi or sangeet. Ensure to select the one that is made of fluid-like drape fabric, like chiffon, georgette, etc. Also, before finalizing the one for yourself check for some trendiest colors.

·         Fusion Gowns
This is perfect for your cocktail or reception party. This outfit is a perfect combination of traditional and modern designs. 


You can opt for embellished net gown if you want to look like a beautiful princess on your wedding functions. Remember to select something in this season’s sizzling colors, such as scuba blue, toasted almond, coral pink, etc.

·         Jackets
This might sounds strange at first, but you can try this at your pre-wedding functions and look absolutely fabulous. It is one of the best options for the brides of this season. 
You can pair this with your saree or lehenga to add an elegant dimension to your complete look. There are a lot of variety seems in jackets, like intricate embroidery, heavy beadwork, beautiful embellishments, etc. Ensure to keep your attire simple if your jacket is heavily embellished. Silk or velvet is the perfect fabric the long jacket.

·         Long Jacket
A very stylish variation of popular Indian Bridal Wear, a lehenga with long choli is just the perfect for your wedding occasion. 
Your long choli is best complimented with net or different fabric, like velvet, silk or satin. For looking even more stunning on your big day, you can skip the traditional red and select something like orange, beige, black and many more.

·         Straight Suits
Some of the brides wish to stick with trendy yet traditional wedding attires. Besides from looking fashionable, they want to feel comfortable in whatever they wear. One of the latest trends that justify both these requirements is the straight-cut suit. You can try this with leggings, palazzos or even cigarette pants to flaunt your incredible fashion sense on your special day. Whether you select the beautiful prints or embroidered ones, you are sure that you appear like a fashion diva in this outfit. 

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Why Anarkali Suits Are Always The Best Choice for Indian Festive & Wedding Season

The availability of so many choices can create a dilemma in buyer’s mind. Therefore, you are recommended to be familiar with some clothing aspects that can help you purchase stylish anarkali suits easily. A brief description of some common aspects is given below.


If you are buying the anarkali suit for any wedding party or a festival, then you can choose anarkali suits in georgette and net fabric. For a Puja occasion, suits in silk and chiffon fabrics will be fine.

Designs and Patterns

If you are buying a salwar kameez for wedding party or a festive occasion, then you can choose Bollywood designs. Some fashion stores also provide latest salwar kameez designs under bridal collection that can easily woe the heart of a woman in first look. You can also give a try to Pakistani style anarkali salwar kameez.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Unfurling The Intricacy Of Exquisite Ethnic Wear Anarkali Suits

Indian wears are becoming very much popular as the Indian designers emphasize on Indian silhouettes like suits, lehengas and sarees. Currently, Anarkali suits are very much popular among the women all around the globe. This attire has won the hearts of many women.  This outfit is fused with rich Indian tradition with modern designs. With a wave of new designs, cuts and styles, there is an immense increase in the fame of the attire. Also, many of the Bollywood Divas have been noticed worn this outfit at grand occasions.

Besides, these trendy anarkali suits are available online and some of them are listed as below:
  •    Cotton Anarkali Suits with Fresh Designs

When it comes to ease and comfort, cotton fabric is the most favored option. Cotton anarkali suits are really very comfortable to wear and are perfect for casual purposes. These suits are easily available online at very reasonable prices with beautiful designs and vibrant colors. Besides from being comfortable, these are lighter in weight and therefore best for the summer.

  •   Silk Anarkali Suits with Party Wear Designs

These suits are perfect for the parties, weddings or family functions. You can stich this in modern designs with stylish neck and ideal cuts. Silk fabric is widely known for its royal look and hence any Anarkali Suit in silk fabric gives you a regal and glamorous look. 

  •   Pakistani Designer Anarkali Suits

These suits are very classy and unique.  They give a feeling of long gowns with trendy and traditional look. There are various different and unique patterns that are available in Pakistani Anarkali Suits Online and these looks exceptionally beautiful on any women.

  •  Bridal Anarkali Suits with Heavy and Long Flair

Bridal anarkali suits are very much comfortable in comparison to bridal saree or lehenga. Not only this, these suits are heavily embellished with sequins and embroidery and hence appear to be very attractive.

  •  Designer Anarkali Suits

Bollywood celebrities are very much fond of designer anarkali suits. Be it any personal event or it movies, the Bollywood Divas prefer to dress up in these suits.

End Words

Anarkali suits have been an inspiring trend among the girls. This traditional attire can very easily twist with a modern touch and can be worn on any event or occasion.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bridal Gowns: The Perfect Outfit for a Perfect Day

As soon as a couple gets engaged, most of the girls start thinking about the wedding. There are so many decisions to make, like from the venue, food, decorations to the wedding outfit. For a bride the most important thing is her wedding dress. A bride has many options to wear on her wedding day, but one of the best outfits is a bridal gown.

If you are just beginning your search for the perfect bridal gown, then you must be aware that it is challenging as well. Every girl dreams for a perfect bridal gown, yet very few select the perfect one. If you want to select a perfect Bridal Gown Online, make sure to keep the following things in mind that most of the girls don’t take care of:

  •   Find a Bridal Gown That Fits Your Figure

A perfect gown is the one that perfectly fits your body. It can be tempting to become enchanted with the bridal gowns that are trendy at the time of wedding, like mermaid gowns. Because it is in trend that doesn’t mean that it is the right style for you. So, you must check the fabric and opt for the one that suits your body style.

  •  Do Not Forget the Top of Your Bridal Gown

Most of the brides focus on the skirt and border of the dress. No doubt, you must take care of these things at the time of selection, but along with this you must also consider the top part of the bridal gown as well. The top most part must have heavy embroidery as this look gorgeous in your wedding pictures. So, don’t forget to keep this thing in mind.

  • Avoid to Choose a Bridal Gown At First Sight

Most of the bridal gowns look beautiful while you search online. Most of the girls fall in love with first outfit as it seems to be fancy, but remember that looks are not the only thing that must be seen at the time of purchase. Take a considerable amount of time and energy to find the perfect one. Pick the perfect bridal gown that must be elegant, within your budget and fits to your body size.

  • The Bottom Line

Find a perfect bridal gown online takes time and patience. So be patient and keep above things in mind at the time of selection.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Interesting Ways to Drape an Indian Saree with Perfection!

There are different methods of wearing a saree depending upon the climate geography and religious culture. The most well-known style to wear a saree  is to wrap it around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to be worn over the shoulder, exposing the stomach. Now, sarees can be draped in different styles; however it requires sarees of specific length or shape.  The Traditional India Saree is usually worn over the petticoat with the blouse and choli have a tight neck and short sleeves. Nowadays, with the advancement of saree there are different patterns of sarees available in the market as well as online.
If you are searching for something eye-catchy and trendy to drape a saree, then these styles are a great way to start with:

·         The Basic Drape
The Nivi style of draping is the most common and the basic drape and looks pretty with any kind of saree. It features a pleated front, over which the pallu is draped around the waist and thrown over the left shoulder. This formal variant is worn with broad pleats on the pallu and is pinned in a place.
designer saree online

·         Open Pallu Drape
This flexible and complimenting drape is prevalent among Bollywood stars and fashion designers all around! It shapes an exquisite and sentimental impact, particularly with the sticking textures utilized as a part of present day saree plans. This form of Indian saree that is available online as well is very easy to manage, since it follows the basic wrap; however the pallu is left open over the left arm as opposed to being pleated and stuck.

indian saree online

·         Front Pallu
It is an intriguing and entrancing hanging style. In this style, the pallu of saree is put on the front side at the left shoulder. Drape your saree in a casual way and put the pallu on the front side. This style is good to adopt if there is some great embroidery work on the pallu of your saree. In this way, pallu will become noticeably conspicuous and you will look elegant.

·         Dhoti Drape
This drape is very popular in the areas like Goa and Maharashtra. This style has 9 yard saree and is worn with a petticoat, which is divided between the legs, such as dhoti. This traditional style has recently been very trendy and the fashion designers and stars are flaunting it everywhere!

Every community in India has its own style of draping a saree, for example, Maharashtrians and Tamilians wear it like a dhoti, Coorigs and Bengalis wear it without pleats. Many traditional forms of wearing a saree have again in trend now, as the modern fashion has created its own versions of classic drapes. So, if you are looking for Indian Saree Online, visit the website Panache Haute Couture today. They offer exclusive designs of outfits at very assured prices. Contact us today for more insights!