Friday, June 3, 2016

Choosing the best bridal outfit according to the skintone

“I am going to have the most beautiful attire for my wedding!!” This thought makes every girl go crazy and insane too!! The charm of being the most magnificent and perfect bride gives some really sleepless nights to the girls. In the tenure from engagement to the wedding a girl cannot think beyond her looks and her trousseau. So, settling for something less than the best would be really not acceptable.

In this designer era enormous range of clothing is available. The plethora of colors and styles makes the selection of perfect attire really hard. But, we are here to give you a sigh of relief by sharing some easy tips to choose the best wedding attire for yourself.

While choosing the color of lehenga the most important factor should be the skin tone. We human beings are blessed with various types so making the right choice adds to the perfection!!

The various type of skintone are:

Cool and Light Skintone: The one with fair tone. The cute and pink skin is a charm in itself. Neutral make-up further enhances the beauty.

Wheatish Skintone: The general Indian skin color which has a yellowish tone to the skin. But it is bright and glowing.

Darker Skintone: The dusky beauty. The ethnic tone of the skin looks really lovely! With proper makeup the looks can be really intensified.

Cool and Light Skintone: These people are the fairer types. Though the normal conception goes that they can carry any shade well but hold on we still have the guide to make you search more refine and suitable. The best colors suited for the bridal outfit in accordance to skin tone are pinks, bright blues, emerald, dark and yellowish greens. Deep tones like pomegranate, wine and all kinds of blues suit perfectly well.

Wheatish Skintone:

The dusky beauty can pick any fiery shade like orange, red or yellow. The skin glitters wearing red, hot pinks, rust, peach, coral. Adding a tone of orange or peach to the costume makes you look fantastic and charming!!

Colors like beige, golden, greens and very dark blues are a strict no-no!!

Dark colors like midnight blue, purple and dark green should be completely avoided.

Darker Skintone:

Its really surprising that dark complexioned girls feel that pastels don’t look good on them but on the contrary they look amazingly Gorgeous!! Warm pastels bring in the glowing effect as compared to icy cool pastels. The only color to be avoided are the Neons as they work against the skintone by making you appear darker. Bringing you this style guide gives us immense pleasure but we certainly feel that your choice might not be mentioned in this guide or on the contrary we might have restricted you to pick that particular shade. Don’t worry every problem has a solution and so has ours!

Supposedly you wish to pick up a neon but it doesn’t suit your skintone, an alternative of contrasting it with a choli or dupatta of different color can give you a balanced look.

We at Panache Haute Couture offer you immense variety of costumes to choose the best so that you look and feel the Best!! The range of bridal lehenga choli we offer is handpicked to make you look perfectly Gracious and Stunning. Just check the collection and fall in love with the beautiful pieces before settling on the One you want!!

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