Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tips for Perfect Evening Gown Dress

Over the last decade, Indo western gowns have become an integral part of Indian fashion. As the label suggests, these attires are inspired by the western gowns often seen on fashion runways and red carpets across the world. Ideally, they can be worn throughout the year, as the outfit is versatile in terms of all types of fabrics, styles, and cuts.

The Mixture of the western gown and Indian aesthetics is the most popular form of Indian evening dress. For example floor length gowns with traditional motifs, embroidery and intricate patterns fashioned by designers in India and abroad.

The variety of Evening Gowns:-

These attires come in a variety of styles and shapes. The attire itself can be separated into three main sections: the top, the bottom, and the stole.

·      The top is most ordinarily called as a choli or a blouse. Depending on the style, a crop top showing off the midriff is called as choli, or else one can just mention to the top as a blouse.
·       Similar to the blouse, the bottom comes in a variety of classes such as peacock, A-line, mermaid cut, straight cut and so on.
·      Last, but not the least, dupatta, a heavily embellished stole that can be worn with this attire to beautify it. Normally, evening dresses in India are worn with the dupatta draped over one shoulder.

Tips for maintenance of evening gowns:-

Evening gowns are made up from delicate material, that is fragile and incline to have expensive frills. A small defect makes the outfit hard to wear, specifically when you are going to important events. Here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind so that your gown last for a longer time:

·       Avoid Perfumes - Certain perfumes and their fragrances are so powerful and can be hazardous for costumes. These might cause stains to your costume and you should avoid perfumes at all costs. It is important to note that you must wear makeup before wearing the costume. Do not spray perfume directly as it may cause more damage.

·   Clean Stains - If you see any stain on your gown, you must clean it as early as possible. Be careful while cleaning as too much rubbing might tarnish the entire dress. So, it is important that you must keep a cleaning material on hand so that when you see any form of stain, you must clean it quickly and correctly. 

·     Clean Before Storage - When dresses are kept before cleaning they tend to be moist and might not be all fresh. So, clean it well before you store it. If you can’t clean your evening gown by yourself, then you should give it to a laundry company which will avoid any form of damage associated with dress cleaning. Laundry companies have a wide range of experience in dress cleaning and so they will avoid any form of challenge that might come up. With this, you will be able to wear your dress for a relatively long period of time. The way you maintain your evening dress will ensure how long it will last.

·   Proper Storage - Evening gown should always be stored in a good fabric. You should consider storing the dress in a clean, cool and dry place where there is little chance of damage.

Summing Up:

There are many other options to supplement your gown. You can also get bridal dresses that will suit for your evening functions. You can avail these Indo western gowns both online as well as offline which costs fairly less and be a perfect choice for an evening dress.

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  1. All the tips are very helpful & choosing the right evening gown according to the ceremony and its maintenance are also very important. Thanks for sharing this pots!

  2. Netted Indo-Western Gown, nowadays becomes very popular & perfect for evening party as it has stunning appeal.