Sunday, December 29, 2013

What makes anarkalis so popular?

The Indian salwar kameez is an outfit that has been popular since time immemorial. Although stlyes and fabrics have gone through a change to cater to the changing needs and fashion trends; the outfit itself has not changed much. In fact some styles that were popular decades ago are back in fashion again such as the anarkali suits.
As may be evident to many the name of this style of salwar kameez is derived from the name of a courtesan of Emperor Akbar. The top looks almost like a frock with the waist fitted snugly to emphasize the famine shape. The anarkali suits combine a churidar as the bottom wear. The earlier versions of this type of suit had longer tops but in lieu of the needs and comfort of the modern woman the top has evolved and become slightly sshorter and ends at the knees or slightly below the knees. The earlier designs used to have bottoms that were long enough to reach the ankles.
 red color anarkali salwar kameez

The materials used for the top is usually soft and flowing such as gorgette, chiffon, silk and crepe etc. The soft fabrics in combination with the look of the anarkali suits accentuate the feminine shape beautifully and elegantly.
There is almost an entire industry dedicated to producing these suits and also for the exquisite embroidery that is almost always seen in anarkali salwars. You will hardly find an anarkali that does not have some kind of exquisite embroidery made form zari, silk threads and other very unique material.
The primary reason behind the popularity of anarkali suits is that no other style of salwar kameez looks as feminine. This suit has somewhat of a timeless appeal and has become popular after many years not only in india but the entire indian sub continent.
If you look at the shape of the anarkali suits from afar you will realize how symbolic it is of the feminine shape. This is why it is one of the classiest styles preferred not only by celebrities but also by ordinary women.

If you are slightly ion the heavier side and worried whether this style of slwar kameez will look good or not then relax. So ahead and confidently buty this beautiful outfit as the frock style has enough flair to hide any extra curves or bulges that you might have developed. You  can try browsing online for plus sizes or go visit a reputed outlet and be totally stunned by the sheer varieties of this outfit.

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