Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today brides have numerous options for Saree and lehenga draping on their wedding.

Every Indian bride-to-be goes all out to look her best on her wedding day. The most typical wedding attire worn by an Indian bride is the saree or the lehenga. This is draped around the body in various styles depending on the religion and culture of the wedding couple.

Saree draping is an art in itself. These outfits are heavily embellished portraying the intricate details and these days mixing colors and co-coordinating contrasting has become quite a rage. Styling a dupatta on lehenga has become very innovative in recent times. The classy and the best drape on a lehenga is saree style draping the dupatta.

There are over a 100 ways that one can experiment with this versatile garment. The most common and basic method to drape a saree is to have the saree draped around the waist, with one end (known as the pallu) draped over the shoulder. Cholis like halter necks, in cut sleeves look very elegant with simple sarees and lehengas.

One can experiment different ways of draping. For lehengas, net dupattas look lovely for their sheerness and the way it falls. Taking a dupatta on one shoulder and leaving it loose on the other end or taking it on both the shoulders adds a fun element to the outfit.

Different cultures have different drapes according to their rituals and customs. Bengali drapes, Maharashtrian drapes are few of them. Most of the times brides have one end of the saree covering their head.

Pinned up dupatta or saree gives a very comfortable feeling. Hair in a bouffant style looks neat and elegant. Bride can be comfortable without having worrying about her hair and outfit. If a bride is continuing wearing the same outfit for wedding till reception, during pheras she can have her saree drape gujarati style and later change the drape to saree or any other style for reception.

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