Friday, June 6, 2014

A Bride’s feeling, emotions before marriage

One week before marriage a bride can feel the flow of emotions, sometimes happy, worried and sad. All feel like hugging their parents and never let them go. They always scar to accept the change.
These are the feelings of all those brides. The best part is that they smile a bit more since they have just realized what a transformation they are going to go through.
Instead of these, they think a lot about their wedding wear, a hairdo, makeup and emotions offcourse. There are so many girls who decide their wedding apparel when they hardly understand the term Bride itself.
Girls you know these pressure, emotions can spoil your wedding too. So don’t be stressed and pressurized and accept this change and start planning atleast 3-4 months before your marriage.
Go for Bridal packages and choose one which suits you. Take trials for wedding outfits, makeup and other things too. Don’t worry about marriage preparation and arrangements. These are your parents, relatives ‘duty. You just enjoy your marriage because this the day for you and your husband and this will never come again. So just chill!
Listening good and romantic music also helps to boost your personality and bring happiness as well shyness on your face.
Never choose your wedding outfit in hurry because your makeup can be re-do but your wedding outfit can’t. So start looking all the bridal outfits and go for window shopping as well. If you can effort a designer wear then you should go to designers and explain your dreams to them so that they design perfect Bridal wear for you. If you are confident with your outfit you won’t get so much stressed.
We at Panache Haute Couture first prefer to meet the Bride, her likes, dislikes and our designers design the Perfect Bridal Wear for her.
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