Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Gown for yourself

Choosing party wear gowns can be a tedious task for women simply because there are so many choices. You can find numerous selections for party wear gowns. When searching online, you may see even more choices. So among so many designs how to decide which one is right for you?

The first most thing you need to consider is the occasion that you would be attending. What kind of party is it? And where would it be held? Is there any set theme? The occasion you are going to is the major part of your decision.

According to the Theme or Color

A new trend these days is to have theme based parties. All the guests and the hosts dress according to the theme for the party. So before you selecting a gown, it is important to check the invitation for it. If the party has a Hawaiian theme, choose for gowns with flowery patterns and Hawaiian colors. You can also accessorize the look with floral and shell tiaras and bracelets. If the party has an Indian theme, you can opt for the wonderful indo western gowns. 

Some go for themes while some opt for colors. They may ask all to wear a specific color or a specific pattern for your outfit. For example, if the color is Pink and Green Polkas, you can wear a gown that is purely pink, green, or a combination of both with polka dots.

 According to Other Attendees

Also consider other attendees in the party when looking for party wear gowns. If it’s an all adult party, opt for a look that does not reveal much of you. If it’s a party with high professionals, then opt for a formal gown.

According to the Location

Another aspect that plays a great part in your decision is the location of the party. Is it to be held at a beach or a hotel? Or even if it’s at the residence, would it be held indoors or rooftop or the lawns?

You should be dressed appropriately with regards to the location or venue of the party. Wearing a long gown for a pool side party may get your look ruined. Wearing a cocktail gown at a party in hotel may make you look underdressed. The venue of the party is always indicated in the invitation, so make the best use of it and choose your dress wisely. 

According to your Personality

Apart from the factors related to the party, you should also consider your own personality. You won’t be able to enjoy the party to the fullest if you are not comfortable with your dress. If you cannot show too much skin, then opt of conservative necklines and backs. If you are comfortable with bright colors, then opt for basic shades like beige, ivory, black, blue, crimson and the sort. 

Just love your own style and don’t be shy of it. 

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