Friday, January 27, 2017

Find-Out How To Style Lehenga Choli To Look Slim

At weddings, we all try to look like the most beautiful versions of ourselves, dolled up in gorgeous lehenga choli, all the ornamentations and, of course, the smiling face! 

But at times, life cannot be planned to the dot. Your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle do not give you enough of a time to go on a diet or hit the gym devotedly and thus you feel like looking at the tips that can make you look slimmer in your chosen dress.

Lehenga Choli is one of the attires that is popular in leading the women with beautiful appearance. It adds a myriad of colors and styles to the persona of the Indian women.

In the present day, you can order any beautiful Lehenga Choli by doing Online Shopping.
Generally, the average height of Indian women is much lesser as compared to the other races. This factor can make them look a little chubby. 

Also, the color of the lehenga should go with your face complexion. So, you have to keep in mind the body type, height, complexion, etc. before doing Online Shopping of Lehenga Choli.

Making a right choice is really important in case you want to wear a Lehenga choli and look slimmer. So, consider some factors before making the online order.

Now if you are figuring out the ways to make lehenga’s styling work for you, then there is a good news that whether you are a curvy girl or not, few amazing tips can make you look slimmer at the next wedding you attend.

Listed below are a few handy styling tips on how to flaunt your desi swag at different occasions.

Things to Note:

1. Choose Dark Colors: The lehenga choli you chose for yourself should match your skin tone and personality. Bolder prints with bigger patterns tend to make you look plumper, whereas smaller prints and lighter embroidery would make you look leaner.

2. Choose Makeup and Accessories Accordingly: It is important to note that the color choices made and the makeup used add-up to your persona. A better make up can give you look better. Contouring can make a plump face look slimmer.

3. Fitting and Cuts of the Lehenga: Make sure that it has been well stitched. The whole look will totally get ruined if you lehenga is not properly shaped. Fitting is a major concern for most of the people, where in the fittings have to be as per the body shape.

4. Select The Right Pair of Footwear: You would have to stand in the function for a long time. So keeping this fact in mind, make the right choice of the footwear. Block heals can make you look plumper, whereas slim heels can make you look slimmer.

Keep these few aforementioned pointers in the mind before you shop for those special occasions. Have a look at the astounding collection of Panache Haute Couture before you make a choice of buying a lehenga choli online.

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