Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Interesting Ways to Drape an Indian Saree with Perfection!

There are different methods of wearing a saree depending upon the climate geography and religious culture. The most well-known style to wear a saree  is to wrap it around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to be worn over the shoulder, exposing the stomach. Now, sarees can be draped in different styles; however it requires sarees of specific length or shape.  The Traditional India Saree is usually worn over the petticoat with the blouse and choli have a tight neck and short sleeves. Nowadays, with the advancement of saree there are different patterns of sarees available in the market as well as online.
If you are searching for something eye-catchy and trendy to drape a saree, then these styles are a great way to start with:

·         The Basic Drape
The Nivi style of draping is the most common and the basic drape and looks pretty with any kind of saree. It features a pleated front, over which the pallu is draped around the waist and thrown over the left shoulder. This formal variant is worn with broad pleats on the pallu and is pinned in a place.
designer saree online

·         Open Pallu Drape
This flexible and complimenting drape is prevalent among Bollywood stars and fashion designers all around! It shapes an exquisite and sentimental impact, particularly with the sticking textures utilized as a part of present day saree plans. This form of Indian saree that is available online as well is very easy to manage, since it follows the basic wrap; however the pallu is left open over the left arm as opposed to being pleated and stuck.

indian saree online

·         Front Pallu
It is an intriguing and entrancing hanging style. In this style, the pallu of saree is put on the front side at the left shoulder. Drape your saree in a casual way and put the pallu on the front side. This style is good to adopt if there is some great embroidery work on the pallu of your saree. In this way, pallu will become noticeably conspicuous and you will look elegant.

·         Dhoti Drape
This drape is very popular in the areas like Goa and Maharashtra. This style has 9 yard saree and is worn with a petticoat, which is divided between the legs, such as dhoti. This traditional style has recently been very trendy and the fashion designers and stars are flaunting it everywhere!

Every community in India has its own style of draping a saree, for example, Maharashtrians and Tamilians wear it like a dhoti, Coorigs and Bengalis wear it without pleats. Many traditional forms of wearing a saree have again in trend now, as the modern fashion has created its own versions of classic drapes. So, if you are looking for Indian Saree Online, visit the website Panache Haute Couture today. They offer exclusive designs of outfits at very assured prices. Contact us today for more insights!

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